Conservation is the New Generation

At Zenergy, Conservation is the first fuel; Negawatts instead of Megawatts.


Let’s face it—many people view the topic of energy conservation as dull. Nonetheless, the reality is that there is a myriad of proven scientific tools that, if adopted en masse, would allow us to reduce energy consumption to the extent we could consider phasing out energy production from fossil fuel-based generation plants. Additionally, a reduction in energy use of this magnitude would help reduce congestion and transmission problems that occur daily in virtually every electricity system operator (ISO) across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Aside from the global and environmental benefits of energy conservation, Zenergy’s solutions also offer an improvement in overall load factor. In some markets, this reduces transmission and distribution fees from the utility by as much as 25%, which for some clients could be worth millions of dollars..

Of course, everyone likes to rave about the latest solar technologies or the new windmill designs that capture more energy using much less space and look incredibly futuristic and cool. But the reality is that there are other straightforward, cost-effective measures that most businesses can implement to achieve significant energy conservation.

Zenergy offers an ideal solution for businesses wanting to implement new technologies and energy conservation solutions with no capital investment. Visit our Zero Cost Program page for more information or contact us today to learn more.

Whether or not we believe in humanity’s contribution to climate change, it is everyone’s collective burden to be socially responsible and respect our planet. Zenergy offers customized solutions that allow you to accomplish that objective while, at the same time, adding measurable bottom-line results to your business. While we serve all client types and size of business, the ideal client profile for Zenergy’s energy conservation-related services typically operate in the following industries:

• Restaurants, Bars/Nightclubs

• Office Buildings, Strip Centers, & Warehouse Space

• Multi-tenant Commercial Buildings

• Refrigerated Operations (i.e., Cold Storage, Grocery Stores & Convenient Stores)

• Hotels, Multi-Family Properties (Apartments), Assisted Living & Hospice Facilities

• Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

• Real Estate Investment Trusts & Asset Managers

• Entertainment & Sports Complexes/Venues

• Churches & Non-Profits

• Municipalities (Local, State & Federal)

• Regional & “Big Box” Retail Chains

• Specialty Areas (Agriculture, Brewery, Mining, Construction, Marinas, etc.)

Zenergy is Your Virtual Utility – for us, this is not just another catch phrase of the day.  The reality is that we have evolved our business model from the old “legacy utility,” which represents an outdated school of thought about energy and essential commodities. It is a model built on the premise of selling as many kilowatt-hours of electricity, natural gas and other commodities as possible to the ratepayer. On the other hand, at Zenergy, we are changing the way electricity, natural gas and water have been bought, sold and traded the past 100 years; We are Your Virtual Utility.