Energy Advisory & Procurement

“Energy Advisory is much more than brokering for a handful of Retail Energy Providers - that's really just an evasive description for the word [sales or marketing]. The Zenergy Brokerage model is to represent the Customers' best interest in ALL THINGS energy. Knowing when to go long, when to go short, when to lock in and when not to, requires deep industry expertise.”
-- Ryan Samuel, Vice President of Energy Solutions 

Our Methodology

Our methodology starts with treating our customers like our partners. Every recommendation we make is intended to add shareholder value to their business - for the short term and the long term. Our energy procurement advisory practice focuses on (1) immediate bottom line results, (2) budget certainty and (3) risk mitigation over the long term. 

For clients with locations across the country (national accounts), Zenergy delivers a strategy per state and by energy market, each backed by real probability and scenario analysis. We take a full analytical approach for customers of all sizes, regardless of industry or profile. 

Volatility, Expert Advice & Long-Term Planning 

Over the past 10-15 years, we have seen historic high and record low price points in the wholesale energy markets. Additionally, much of the grid across North America is facing transmission and congestion challenges, which will force pricing disruptions and the advent of new policies. Both of these elements are drivers that will foster future price volatility and new challenges for end-use customers.

By allowing Zenergy to be your Energy Advisor & Broker, you will not be alone in facing these challenges - we will take the lead, providing you with expert insight every step of the way. In today's business climate, business owners and key decision makers must think in an all-encompassing manner and in 10-year increments – Zenergy’s approach facilitates this type of thinking and planning.  

Markets Served
• Arkansas (Wholesale Natural Gas)
• California (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)
• Colorado (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)
• Connecticut (Retail Power & Natural Gas)
• District of Columbia (Retail Power & Natural Gas)
• Florida (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)
• Georgia (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)
• Illinois (Retail Power & Natural Gas)
• Maine (Retail Power)
• Maryland (Retail Power & Natural Gas)
• Massachusetts (Retail Power & Natural Gas)
• Michigan (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)
• New Jersey (Retail Power & Natural Gas)
• New Mexico (Wholesale Natural Gas)
• New York (Retail & Wholesale, Power & Natural Gas)
• Ohio (Retail & Wholesale, Power & Natural Gas)
• Pennsylvania (Retail Power & Natural Gas)
• Rhode Island (Retail Power)
• Texas (Retail & Wholesale, Power & Natural Gas) 
• Virginia & W. Virginia (Retail Natural Gas) 

Zenergy is Your Virtual Utility – for us, this is not just another catch phrase of the day.  The reality is that we have evolved our business model from the old “legacy utility,” which represents an outdated school of thought about energy and essential commodities. It is a model built on the premise of selling as many kilowatt-hours of electricity, natural gas and other commodities as possible to the ratepayer. On the other hand, at Zenergy, we are changing the way electricity, natural gas and water have been bought, sold and traded the past 100 years; We are Your Virtual Utility.