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From Smart Controls to the Zero Cost Program ™, we apply all we know and all we do to
help improve your bottom line and achieve your business goals. 


Today’s consumers cannot afford to be just a “ratepayer” anymore. Successful businesses need to implement long-term energy roadmaps to mitigate unforeseen risk, meet sustainability goals and effectively manage budget certainty.

Over the past 10-15 years, the U.S. has experienced record volatility in the wholesale energy markets; simultaneously, the U.S. has also experienced a record level of service interruptions. Experts predict we will continue to endure this type of instability over the next decade or more. Businesses of all types and sizes will need budget certainty and reliability regarding their electricity, natural gas and water utility needs. If you are a business owner or executive with P&L responsibility for essential utility expenses, then you owe to your shareholders and stakeholders to have 5, 10 and 20 years road map for these crucial operating expenses -allow Zenergy to develop and execute the right strategy for your business.  

The world is a-changing, and your mindset should be too.

In addition to uncertain economic times and record market volatility, the North American energy grid is archaic in today’s technologically advanced era with much of it constructed back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. All of these drivers mean only one thing–as a decision maker, you cannot afford to remain a “ratepayer” or worse, keep planning and conducting a tired RFP process every year. These approaches are as outdated as much of nation’s electric grid and are costing your business much more than you realize. The concept of looking to the utility company or an energy supplier as a solutions provider for you is, with all due respect, irresponsible. They are in the business of selling you as many kilowatt-hours of electricity or dekatherms of natural gas as possible, and if you let them, that is all they will continue to do.

Zenergy provides energy “Road-Mapping” to the following industries:

• Restaurants & Bar/Nightclubs
• Hotels & Hotel Chains
• Multi-Family Properties/Apartments
• Assisted Living Communities
• Healthcare Facilities; Hospitals, Clinics, Adult Care
• Real Estate Investment Trusts & Asset Managers
• Entertainment & Sports Complexes/Venues
• Churches & Non-Profits
• Municipalities (Local, State & Federal)
• Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
• Office Buildings, Strip Centers & Warehouse Space
• Regional & Big Box Retail Chains
• Specialty Areas (Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Marinas, Seasonal Users, & Aggregation Pools)

Zenergy is Your Virtual Utility – for us, this is not just another catch phrase of the day. The reality is that we have evolved our business model from the old “legacy utility,” which represents an outdated school of thought about energy and essential commodities. It is a model built on the premise of selling as many kilowatt-hours of electricity, natural gas and other commodities as possible to the ratepayer. On the other hand, at Zenergy, we are changing the way electricity, natural gas and water have been bought, sold and traded the past 100 years; We are Your Virtual Utility.