Smart Automation + Smart Controls = Smart Contracts

Your building should be working for your business, not against your bottom line.

Smart Controls

In a humble setting at a hotel lobby, over cups of coffee, located between Austin and San Antonio, TX, the owner of that hotel and 5 others similar to it is sharing his story with Zenergy’s VP of Business Development, regarding how a small faulty boiler system, went undetected for a month and ended up costing replacement costs, exuberant amount in damages and then impacting the Hotel business altogether by cutting off access inventory and causing customer inconveniences during the repair phase. It’s both amazing and shameful that a simple smart detection sensor and Zenergy’s Smart Controls platform would have avoided all of this. 

Make no mistake about it; worlds are colliding – the blending of the physical and the digital world is changing everything. This blending, also referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) or Smart Controls is going to expand the reach of technology like never before. Some experts, such Steve Case believe that the change on the horizon is so monumental, that he’s changed the phrase from Internet of Things to the “Internet of Everything”.

While Zenergy’s core mantra is to reduce the consumption of electricity, natural and water suppliers – Zenergy believes that smart devices, together with the ongoing advancement of IoT capabilities are essential towards that outcome. Today, Zenergy can automate lights, locks, thermostats and all sorts of devices and appliances – however, that’s just the beginning. Our focal point is to integrate technology into our client’s day to day processes, so that it goes beyond mere controls or reporting of anomalies, but also works to optimize performance. 

Zenergy is Your Virtual Utility – for us, this is not just another catch phrase of the day.  The reality is that we have evolved our business model from the old “legacy utility,” which represents an outdated school of thought about energy and essential commodities. It is a model built on the premise of selling as many kilowatt-hours of electricity, natural gas and other commodities as possible to the ratepayer. On the other hand, at Zenergy, we are changing the way electricity, natural gas and water have been bought, sold and traded the past 100 years; We are Your Virtual Utility.